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Ideas can be remarkably contagious“, outlines Stefanos, our international bike hero.

“The application and potent of which”, he adds, “usually require successful results. A sustainable, eco-conscious and prosperous company, for example, should lead the way with such ideas.”

COCO-MAT and have always been such organizations and our latest proud moment is our collaboration with the Dutch company  SANTINO and their brilliant people.

The story of Marly,  the wonderful Marketer of SANTINO, has been nothing less but inspiring, meaningful and exemplary. We, at, hope to continue to inspire people and organizations to thrive while respecting and sustaining our precious Planet and its resources.

I work as a marketer for the company Santino. Santino has set up a very cool and sustainable promotion in collaboration with ! Customers could win a sustainable COCO-MAT kick scooter. We were able to hand out more than 100 wooden scooters! Because the steps are made in Greece, they are in special pallets transported to the Netherlands. These pallets are made of very nice planed wood. For COCO-MAT bike everything to do with sustainability is really important. I was therefore asked by Stefanos not to throw away the wood but to make something new out of it. I couldn’t agree more! Super sin to throw it away. So together with my dad I gave it a new purpose in life. Stefanos was amazed and he offered us a complimentary stay to COCO-MAT hotels for my father and our whole family in return! We still have a lot of wood left, so to be continued…. Marly Minten, Marketing & Communication Associate @ SANTINO


Indeed! Our sustainable stories have only started! Stay tuned!

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