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One of our major eco-friends-clients has been none other than the Dutch company SANTINO and its incredible people. The connection was initially made by our international bike hero, Stefanos Alexopoulos, and SANTINO’s Sales Manager, Mike den Hartog, and proved to be one for the ages.

Mike purchased three bikes with SANTINO logo to showcase them in one of their international exhibitions and attract pass-byers. He quickly understood that the COCO-MAT bikes are much more than a vehicle or an eyecatcher, as Stefanos was telling him. The buzz around the bikes was so immense that he decided to raffle them and gift them to three lucky winners (see video below).

It didn’t take long until Mike realized that next to gifting those bikes, he could also encourage his B2B clients to do better and thus get a as a gift. Stefanos was again right.

“You do 10.000 € more than last year’s Q4 and you get a with your logo on it”. topped up the offer by giving 3 complimentary nights in one of our COCO-MAT hotels in Athens to everyone that would get that bike (promo flyer on the link below).

Too good to be true? Wait and see!

a close up of a piece of paper

We, at, were expecting the success of that promo action, but who could have ever imagined that 30 clients of SANTINO would reach their targets in order to get the bike and the complimentary stays at our COCO-MAT hotels. A new success story was about to begin.

a wooden table

30 plus 5 extra bikes were handcrafted with the logo of SANTINO! We once again confirmed that in life, by giving  (one in this case) you get back much more in return ( € in additional revenues!). But that wasn’t enough giving…

Every bike sold would equal a new tree planted in Greece and also in the Netherlands, with all the names of the companies involved!



Last but not least, we put a cherry on top of this incredible story (little did we know that it was far from over!) by creating an bamboo SANTINO & COCO-MAT t-shirt which we sent to a selection of our COCO-MAT shops around the world. Our wonderful colleagues there wore that t-shirt, went out with their bikes and took a cool picture! SANTINO & on world tour! What a promotion, right?

Part 1/2

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