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Our Story

A new story unfolds in nature!

A bike challenge from Amsterdam to Athens by the owner of Paul Efmorfidis and his son. Regular bikes came short.

“Irregular minds were activated. Nature was set in motion.” is a journey through nature’s sustainable resources, human wisdom and love. Imagine a small seed, put with care and respect inside our planet Earth. A couple of years after, this seed becomes a bicycle. It rides proud and in style around the world spreading the word of sustainability, innovation and joy. connects you with yourself, other people, places, ideas and companies.

The idea was born in Southern Greece. Under the bright, generous and invigorating Sun. Next to the turquoise and restless sea. Cool mountain breeze of Northern Greece gave shape and breath to the first prototype. We needed expertise, knowledge and wisdom. We brought it to the aged and wise Athens.

Ever since you can find the all over the world.

a train traveling down a dirt road

The wooden bike is made to be a world’s best. Endless hours of work, research and try-outs have shaped a revolutionary bike whose ergonomic design ensures comfortable and smooth riding while the aesthetics make it an eye-catching statement – move with Nature.

By using wood, we managed to robustly extend the bike’s life cycle and at the same time carry nature’s imprint in the daily life of the urban landscape. Sustainable wood is resourced from certified renewable forests, that preserve the biodiversity and maintain the landscape and eco-systems of the world. No rubbish will be left behind to the future generations.

An adult ash tree can provide us with enough wood to make 50 bikes. Every time a friend purchases a bike, we plant a tree on behalf of the new owner.


Since 2016, in our factory in Athens, Greece we:

  • DELIVER our products.

AROUND THE WORLD shares the network of more than one hundred stores around the world of our mother company, COCO-MAT – a leading manufacturer of hand-crafted home products made out of natural materials.


OUR PROMISE has commited to make this world greener. Starting from Greece, where the bikes are made aka where the magic happens, and extending our vision to our partners around the world, every bike sold equals a new planted tree, accumulated tour and rental kilometers equal also trees. Every tree has a name.

We strongly believe that in the very near future companies and organizations will be obliged to plant trees as there are paying their taxes and social contributions.

Regular updates about our green actions can be found on the news tab.