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The tale of the bee meets the journey of the wooden bike to revive an old economic model.
Craft for craft.
Honey for wooden bike.

Our friend Spiros shares his experience in working with

(ENG translation below)


"Hello, I am Spyros Tzortzolakis and I am a beekeeper.
I practice nomadic and organic beekeeping, producing pure bee products
just as nature gives them to us.
I have the honor and pleasure to be in COCOMAT BIKE workshop today,
where here this masterpiece takes on flesh and blood.
From the first time I saw this wooden piece of art, I fell in love with it.
It is unique because it is made in our country, Greece, it is
handmade only from natural materials.
Coming to COCOMAT to buy this bike and talking
with the people of COCOMAT, explaining to them about my profession
and the love for nature that I have, we figured out that we have so much in common.
On their own initiative, we agreed on something, to turn time back
and apply the barter economy. In a nutshell? Honey for bikes!

You give us your honey, we give you the bicycle.
From today I will be companions with COCOMAT in our great
journey in life.
 I will now be able to move and travel by this wonderful bike and in return
they  will travel my honey throughout Greece and all around the world
where COCO-MAT has stores.

I thank COCOMAT and its people from the bottom of my heart
for supporting these ideas
based on solidarity, production and diligence.
Just like in nature,  the bee has shown me how much we can do in groups
with what nice coherence, with what passion and hard work they produce the honey
So, man must also produce nice things, help his fellow man and leave behind a better one
environment for our children.
Thank you very much and I wish us safe travels!"

Find his amazing honey here

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