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While we strive every day to deliver our iconic handcrafted wooden bikes all around the world, the found and owner of COCO-MAT group, Paul Efmorfidis, is striving to reach the top of the world, the Mount Everest. Like he always does, he strives to give us more motivation, courage and drive to reach our highest heights.

Last year he initiated his amazing journey on his wooden bike. From Athens, Greece to Kathmandu, Nepal. The pandemic had to postpone his plans when he had already reached India, on his folding bike! But it couldn’t last longer than that.

Today he’s already in the base camp, acclimatizing and training for the big moment.

You can follow more of his incredible journey on our social media. Every comment you post, will be sent to him from us! Send warmth, love and your biggest smiling thought!

Let’s GO PAUL!

a person sitting on a rock in the snow

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