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COCO-MAT.BIKE ANTWERP TOURS FEATURED ON KAYAK TRAVEL GUIDE, or simply KAYAK, is an online travel agency and metasearch engine owned and operated by Booking Holdings; in other words a massive player able to offer complete travel solutions with online bookings, valuable tips and travel inspiration.

From flights, stays, cars and trains to travel insurance as well as travel guide recommendations and COCO-MAT bike tours; all in one website.

Yes you’ve read it right… is featuring the COCO-MAT Bike Tours in Antwerp as a ‘must do’ activity and point of interest when you visit the stunning city of diamonds, chocolate and famous beers.

It’s another ‘pat on the back’ after a lot of hard work and determination to make wooden bike tours and rentals a worldwide ‘must do’. I’ve started by doing the tours myself in Antwerp and now I’m selling COCO-MAT bikes from Antwerp to all over the world.  Also, every time we sum up 100 kilometers of wooden bike tours or rentals with our guests, we, at in Belgium, plant a tree on behalf of our honored guests. Sustainable and fun is how I’d describe it. Thank you Antwerp, thank you KAYAK“, says Stefanos Alexopoulos, co-owner of BeNeLux.


a group of people riding on the back of a bicycle

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