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After a very successful year since the opening of our first COCO-MAT bike shop in Belgium, our team organized a tree planting action together with BOS +, a local environmental organization that focuses on forest management and conservation in Belgium and abroad. A whole volleyball field of trees was planted in Landskouter, Belgium (50 ° 57’58.0 “N 3 ° 47’49.2” E.).

How did we go there all the way from Antwerp? By our COCO-MAT bikes of course!

Upon our arrival, we wrote the names of each and every customer’s name on a piece of paper that we hung on every little tree we planted. After our hands got muddy and green, together with other friends, partners and clients we cooked and enjoyed a warm soup.

What a pleasure to see our wooden bikes around the world, leaving their green footprint behind their wheels along the way!


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