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The founder of COCO-MAT Group, Paul Efmorfidis, began his journey on 8/1/2020 at 07am local time from Athens, Greece to Kathmandu, Nepal solely on his 2SPEED COCO-MAT folding bike. His plan afterwards was to climb Mount Everest with a kid’s balance bike on his back.

The aim was to create awareness and send a message to his family, friends, companies and the rest of the world to restore the relationship between human beings and Nature.

Unfortunately, his journey was forced to be canceled due to the outbreak of COVID-19. He had already covered 6.354 kilometers only by his wooden bike within 3 months time. His herculean effort didn’t not go in vain though.

Ever since, the bicycle industry has seen a tremendous growth, a phenomenon that has created even more cyclists and bicycle infrastructure around the world. Without even knowing it, before he pedaled for the first time towards the Mount Everest, Paul knew that the bikes should be the future in commuting. will very soon announce more than 100 point of sale for the hand-crafted eco friendly wooden bike.

– Stefanos Alexopoulos

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