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COCO-MAT bike and its partners around the world are committed to help and support environmental friendly and sustainable initiatives.

There’s a lot we do that we don’t publish and we usually do it with our own physical presence and hands on mentality.

This time however, our exclusive partner and international hero in Antwerp, Belgium, Stefanos Alexopoulos, has extended our outreach to Africa.


He met Mutuku while organizing a trip to Kenya. Our friends and partners at, Evangelia, Iliana and Daniel, have already visited Kenya and have supported Mutuku’s cause both financially and physically.

SWECF is a Soil, Water & Environmental Conservation Foundation that focuses on water development and tree planting programmes with schools, local authorities and volunteers in North and Eastern Kenya. That’s Mutuku’s organization which COCO-MAT bike in Belgium funded to plant trees that were promised to their clients and bike tour guests.

You can contact Mutuku and his associates directly in case you want to support his organization or through by mentioning your COCO-MAT bike connection. The reason why we mention Mutuku’s direct contact details is because we think a lot of donations and support worldwide don’t always end up in full where it is the most needed. If however you feel more comfortable with contacting our friends and partners at in Greece, I guarantee you that your donation will reach its goal in full (if not more).

It’s a great way to close the year on a positive note, help communities and individuals that are in need as well as promote your CSR actions as a company.

The GPS coordination of the tree planting actions:

Kyandula primary school GPS location 2°04’57″S 38°09’36″E
Makongo primary school GPS location 2°05’34″S 38°07’15″E
Kalivu primary school GPS location 2°01’04″S 38°06’00″E


Soil,Water & Environmental Conservation Foundation
Tel: +254727897760
Bank details
Bank name : Equity Bank
Account name: Victor Mutuku Mutunga
Account No.0720163349283
Bank address 1453-90200 Kitui
Bank swift code: EQBLKENA
Telephone / WhatsApp +254727897760
Blessed Are Those Who Plant Trees Under The Shade of which They Will Never Sit!


Paul Mabon et al. standing in front of a crowd

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