In 2011 Paul Efmorfidis and his son decided to make the journey from Holland to Greece… ON THEIR BIKES! They set off from Amsterdam and for a while everything seemed perfect. However, during their trip they faced many technical problems with their metal bikes. The worst was when Paul’s bike broke down high up in the Alps. By the time they reached Athens a new idea had taken form and a new goal had been set: next time they were on the road it would be on a different bike, one made from all-natural materials, one that could relate to nature. Mission accomplished!


The wooden bikes are unique, because they are handmade in every detail. Each piece of wood used for the construction of the bikes, is grown in nature, with rain water and sun power. All those hours of sunlight warming the wood, is natural energy absorbed and radiating. Get on one of our bikes and let it take you on a ride in nature.


An adult ash tree gives us enough wood to construct 50 bikes. Every time we sell a bike we plant a tree, name-tagged on behalf of the owner. Our dream is to create a big forest, where every tree has a name.