By bike to Mount Everest


How does a wooden bicycle and a man’s passion for nature relate to WWF?

Paul Evmorfidis, founder of COCO-MAT, challenges himself at the age of 61, to cycle 7.500 kilometers  from Athens to Nepal.  Once there, he will climb 8.848 meters to the highest peak of the world, i.e. Mount Everest, where the air is the cleanest and purest. His aim is to support WWF’s actions, create awareness and send a message to restore the relationship between human and nature. A relationship Paul has devoted his entire life to.


The climate crisis is a fact and now is the time to act. We owe this to our planet, nature, our children and ourselves. We all have to take responsibility and with your support we can make a change! 


From the Amazon, the Earth’s last lung, which is turning to ashes, till the Arctic Circle, where ice is melting in unprecedented rate, WWF struggles every day to preserve life on the planet and ensure the well-being of both humans and nature. For more than two decades now, this fight has been fought worldwide but also here, in Greece. It is a fight which aims to “heal the wounds” in our forests in Ilia Peloponnese and Mount Parnitha, to protect the life of the endangered turtle Caretta and its home on Zakynthos island. A battle for the Mediterranean Seal and the Greek fishermen. A fight not to fill our seas with oil platforms, get rid of the lignite and support environmental legislation that will not allow our shores to be filled with arbitrary constructions. Needless to say, WWF needs your support.



Paul’s passion for nature and his concerns about our planet are his motivations to cycle 7500 km through Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran, India to Nepal and climb the Everest. Paul’s wooden bicycle symbolizes the sustainable choices we can all make in our daily lives. The route through 8 different countries reminds us that the huge environmental problems know no borders. 

If you are inspired and you feel involved, you can support Paul which enables WWF Greece to continue their fight against the climate crisis. We need your support!