Our story

In 2011



…Paul Efmorfidis and his son decided
to make the journey from Holland to Greece ON THEIR BIKES! They set off from Amsterdam and for a while everything seemed perfect. However, during their trip they faced many technical problems with their metal bikes. The worst was when Paul’s bike broke down high up in the Alps.

By the time they reached Athens a new idea had taken form and a new goal had been set: next time they were on the road it would be on a different bike, one made from all-natural materials, one that could relate to nature.

Mission accomplished!



A new story unfolds in nature!
COCO-MAT.bike shapes bikes out of solid wood and in 2013, sets its wheels in motion and starts paving a new path, with the motto “MOVE ON NATURE”.

The wooden bike was built to become a world’s best.
A revolutionary concept which is addressed to everyone, regardless of age, body type or fitness level. The ergonomic design ensures comfortable, easy riding and the aesthetics make an eye-catching statement.

By using wood we managed to robustly extend the bike’s life cycle
and at the same time carry nature’s imprint in the daily-life cycle of the urban landscape.

image 02 2013


COCO MAT.bike factory


In 2016 we opened our factory in Athens Greece

Since then, every day…







1st COCO-MAT.bike Store, in Athens Greece!

Ιn the centre, in a historical area of Athens, where we rent our wooden bikes, we organize 6 different bike tours all around Athens, we sell our wooden bikes and we also organize bike events and customized bike tours. Come to visit us!

coco mat bike story
Coco mat bike story
Coco mat bike story
Coco mat bike story


New COCO-MAT.bike Store, in Antwerpen Belgium!!

In the amazing city of Antwerpen Belgium, we rent our wooden bikes, we organize many different bike tours all around Antwerpen and excursions even out of the city until the Netherlands, we sell our wooden bikes and we also organize bike events and customized bike tours. Come to visit us!

54433621_2107321792692598_5698210476849102848_n 1
image antwerpen


The wooden bikes are unique, because they are hand- made in every detail. Each piece of wood used for the construction of the bikes, is grown in nature, with rain water and sun power. All those hours of sunlight warm- ing the wood, is natural energy absorbed and radiating. Get on one of our bikes and let it take you on a ride in nature.

image 04 01 sun
Coco mat bike story
image 04 04 wooden2 1


The bike is made of ash tree wood; the best choice to ensure
durability in use and stress. The tree’s color is light gray and
the wood is easily processed and has mechanical properties
that are ideal for the performance of the bike.


Each wooden bike is designed and constructed
by experienced engineers, designers and carpenters,
who lovingly and passionately shape wood and give it life.
A life they wish to share with all of us and tell its story.

image 04 03 form 1
image 04 04 wooden 1


From the selection and processing of the wood to the creation of the bike, our hands and our passion are our main tools and guidelines. The unsung heroes of our story are our workers, who translate knowledge and love into creation. Each bike is fully handmade and unique (no use of any CNC machinery).

image 04 05 handcrafted


Our bike has one of the most durable, solid wood frames
(this wood is not sensitive to cracks in its contours),
that is expertly treated and fault tolerant (any problem
can easily and inexpensively be repaired). In addition,
wood’s lifespan exceeds that of steel or aluminum,
while being equally as strong.

image 04 06 durable


Our bike’s unique, ergonomic design makes it comfortable
and easy for everyone to use both in the city and in the country.

image 04 07 flexible



Every time we sell a bike we plant a tree
that can grow in the clima of our Tree-Park in Attica Greece,
name-tagged on behalf of the owner.

bike perc 3

Our dream is to create a big forest, where every tree has a name.

Our COCO-MAT.bike team in Athens


Κωνσταντίνος / 40 km

Χαίρομαι που κάνω γυμναστική, που εξοικονομώ χρήματα, που βλέπω τον κόσμο να με παρατηρεί και εγώ τους απαντώ με ένα χαμόγελο. Ευχαριστώ πολύ τον Κύριο Paul και τον Γιώργο.


Βασίλης / 37 km

Η αλήθεια είναι πως αφοσιώνομαι στον δρόμο, καμιά φορά βέβαια παρατηρώ τον υπόλοιπο κόσμο που πάει στην δουλειά του, πώς τρέχει πανικόβλητος.

In COCO-MAT.bike, we are a team of cyclists.

Every day, each and every one of us, set off for work, on our bikes, from different parts of the city. On the way, we run into each other, forming a biking group heading for the factory, ready to start our day. Either as a team or as units, our vision, passion and respect for the environment contributes into making our bikes so unique.

We’d love to meet you in person!


Βασίλης / 50 km

Παρατηρώ την πόλη και τους ποδηλάτες της.


Γιώργος / 58 km

Πάω καθημερινά στη δουλειά μου με το ποδήλατο.


Νίκος / 46,6 km

Η ηρεμία που υπάρχει το πρωί στην πόλη, είναι η αγαπημένη μου στιγμή της ημέρας.


Renato / 26 km

Aπολαμβάνω τη διαδρομή γιατί βλέπω την ανατολή κάνωντας ποδήλατο.


Δημήτρης / 21 km

Παρατηρώ τη φύση της πρωινής Αθήνας σε όλες της τις εκφάνσεις.


Σωτήρης / 13 km

Πηγαίνοντας στη δουλειά με το ποδήλατο, θυμάμαι τα παιδικά μου χρόνια.


Paulo / 50 km

Παρατηρώ κάθε γωνιά της πόλης και σκέφτομαι πώς θα ήταν η Αθήνα γεμάτη με ποδήλατα.

and some members of our production team in Athens, that every day they prepare with passion your bikes.

image 06 carpenters 1

Our team around the world


Paul, World

George, Athens

Themis, Athens

Stefanos, Antwerp


Faizal, Sweden

Vassilis, Athens

and 35 more members in Greece and 10 other countries!

In COCO-MAT.bike, we are a team of cyclists.

Every day, each and every one of us, set off for work, on our bikes, in all over the world.
We are happy to enjoy with you this journey on a wooden handcrafted bike.
Thank you for your trust! Find your closest COCO-MAT.bike place and come to meet us in person!