Combining love and knowledge, we managed to produce 5 different hand crafted, strong and flexible bikes.


The bike is made of solid wood, which makes it durable in use and stresses. The timber used comes from the ash tree, whose husk has characteristic light grey colour and is smooth. It is an easily processed wood with great mechanical properties for the bicycle construction.


From timber selection and processing, to bike creation, our hands and passion are our basic equipments and control points. The real heroes of the bicycle are our artisans, who transfer love and knowledge to the wood, using their hands. The bicycle is fully handcrafted (not using any CNC machine).


Our bike has one of the most crack resistant compact wooden frame (wood is not susceptible to crack propagation from dents) that is very well shielded and tolerant in damage (which if occurred can be easily and inexpensively repaired). Furthermore, the fatigue life of wood exceeds steel or aluminum, even though it is as stiff as metal.


Its unique and exceptional design makes it manageable for everyone to use it, inside or outside of the city.