A new story unfolds in nature! makes bikes out of solid wood. In 2013 it set its wheels in motion and started paving a new path, with the motto “MOVE ON NATURE”. The wooden bike was built to become a world’s best. A revolutionary concept which is addressed to everyone, regardless of age, body type or fitness level. The ergonomic design ensures comfortable, easy riding and the aesthetics make an eye-catching statement. By using wood, we managed to robustly extend the bike’s life cycle and at the same time carry nature’s imprint in the daily-life cycle of the urban landscape.


The bike is made of ash tree wood; the best choice to ensure durability in use and stress. The tree’s colour is light gray and the wood is easily processed and has mechanical properties that are ideal for the performance of the bike.


From the selection and processing of the wood to the creation of the bike, our hands and our passion are our main tools and guidelines. The unsung heroes of our story are our workers, who translate knowledge and love into creation. Each bike is fully handmade and unique (no use of any CNC machinery).


Our bike has one of the most durable, solid wood frames (this wood is not sensitive to cracks in its contours), that is expertly treated and fault tolerant (any problem can easily and inexpensively be repaired). In addition, wood’s lifespan exceeds that of steel or aluminum, while being equally as strong.


Our bike’s unique, ergonomic design makes it comfortable and easy for everyone to use both in the city and in the country. team

In, we are a team of cyclists.

Every day, each and every one of us, set off for work, on our bikes, from different parts of the city. On the way, we run into each other, forming a biking group heading for the factory, ready to start our day. Either as a team or as units, our vision, passion and respect for the environment contributes into making our bikes so unique.

We’d love to meet you in person!